The human soul needs time to break away from the busy lifestyle we lead and find some solitude to reflect. People find different ways to do this – some go for a walk in the countryside, some take a bath, some meditate. Others like sailing! Now I’m not a big fan of sailing myself but this photo captures the spirit of peaceful solitude for me.

It was taken in Sorrento, Italy from my hotel balcony one evening in 2008. Although the sun was beginning to set when I took the picture, it just wasn’t quite right so when I got home I experimented with some textures and layer styles in Photoshop. For me it works well, bringing the artistic aesthetic to the fore which helps to guide your mind into the relaxed scene upon which it was built. Takes me right back to the moment it was captured…

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  1. by Paul

    I have not used textures at all, just vaguely heard of them. I love what you have done with this, very ethereal tone to the picture. I used to sail but still love the idea now I no longer live by the open water.
    Paul recently posted..Love Arts Festival – Leeds

  2. by Jason

    Hi Paul

    Textures can be great at turning a photo into something more creative and you can find free textures all over the internet. There are even specific texture groups on Flickr. If you have Photoshop you can use multiple textures and blend them in to suit your image. I went quite heavy on this one but sometimes just a hint of texture works wonders on a picture.

  3. by fantasy artist

    “The human soul needs time to break away from the busy lifestyle ”

    purelu true 🙂 and how great it is that we can express it through art…. !

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