Reaching Out

Several years ago I took this photo of a dandelion on an old Fuji bridge camera in my back garden. I was trying out the macro setting for the first time and although a lot of the photos from that day were a bit ropey, this was one of the few I kept. It’s not particularly great in the sense of a professional shot, but I found something special about it.

I like the way it is slightly blurred, and the colour harmony evident throughout the photograph is nice. The petals are reaching up to the sky whilst the others are dropped down below them, like old petals dropping away. It gives a sense of new life breaking out and making a go of it.

Sometimes images don’t have to be 100% perfect from a technical point of view – they can have other, maybe even better qualities that make the photo just a little bit special. I guess you could throw in the old quote “art is subjective” for this image – what do you think?

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