Golden Shore

Sunsets are magical just about wherever you are. Sometimes there’s too much cloud and the spectacular colours are lost in the grey covering but when you get a clear sunset it’s like a moment to remember. Watching the sun go down over the sea is even better.

I was lucky enough to have a holiday in the Maldives a few years ago and this photograph was taken there on an old Fuji bridge camera, S7000 if I remember correctly. We sat on the beach sipping a cocktail and watched the sun descend behind the sea in near silence, it was that beautiful. In that setting, your mind begins to run over how amazing the world can be. I’m sure it wasn’t the cocktail going to my head, but the whole moment in time just came together as a piece of magic.

I love the contrast between the golden glow and the dark shoreline and waves. Some might have gone for an HDR processing afterwards to bring out some more detail but I actually liked the way this worked as it is.

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