Finding Venice

Venice is one of those places unlike any other on our planet. It has so many unique aspects that makes it stand out from all other cities. Apart from the obvious ‘floating on water’ features, it has a wealth of style, verve and sumptuous architecture. Above all, Venice is a photographer’s dream.

I’ve been lucky enough to have travelled to Italy several times and Venice twice. I can highly recommend Italy, not from just a photographer’s point of view but as a terrific holiday destination, especially if you enjoy great food and the best wine. The Italian way of life is relaxed, classy and romantic. Venice has all of this concentrated into its city streets which are chock full of tourists most of the time as it’s such a popular travel destination. Obviously the best time for us photographers is to set out just as the sun comes up to get those images of Venice that capture the heart and transport you back through the ages.

One of Venice’s best attributes is it’s complete lack of modern buildings. Everything looks like it did hundreds of years ago. There are no cars to pollute the air, create noise pollution or clutter the narrow streets. Venice is preserved immaculately and this encourages the tourist trade, making it one of the most popular European destinations.

It’s easy to get lost through the hundreds of small streets but this is part of the charm Venice offers. Just wandering around (with camera in hand!) is a great experience as you will find amazing things around every corner, from beautiful architecture to wonderful piazzas. And when you get tired from all the walking you are never far from a cafe where you can enjoy some fine Italian coffee whilst watching the world go by. Good times!

I shot this picture on my old Nikon D50 from one of the many ornate Italian bridges. After processing it in RAW format I then dropped it into Photoshop to give it a unique aged look with a selection of filters and layer effects, which I feel has helped to show the rustic, charming nature of Venice. It gives it an antiquated atmosphere. There are so many photographs of Venice on the internet but I think the city deserves more than a straight shot to show it off in it’s truest light.

I hope you like this Venice picture. If you would like to purchase it please contact me with your preferred size. It’s available as a canvas print or acrylic art for your walls.

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  1. by irish artist

    I am happy that they try to protect Venice 🙂 It so unique… and btw. best pizza I ever had was in there !

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