Early Evening Shadows

Living in the countryside I tend to shoot much more rural scenes than cityscapes. This photo showing a field of hay bales was shot a few years ago and sold very well on a popular stock photography website and an online gallery. I’ve revisited this image a few times and this is my current favourite version.

I love the way the shadows are reaching across the field. The hay bales themselves (or are they straw bales?) stand motionless like statues waiting for the farmer to return and collect them. These kind of hay bales are so much nicer looking than the rectangular ones – and don’t get me started on the plastic wrapped haybales! I know they do this now to protect them but they certainly aren’t photogenic or visually nice on the landscape.

This typical countryside scene represents the end of summer and the beginning of autumn as the harvest gets into full swing. Probably even more photogenic is the field before it is cut, with swaying wheat blowing in the summer breeze and looking particularly golden in the early evening. Some farmers leave a track around their fields which is great for photographers and dog walkers as we can enjoy the landscape scene without damaging any crops.

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  1. I love this photo! I am preparing material for my niece’s rural Montessori class, putting pictures and poems together for her to share with her pre-school kids. I would love to use this picture with the poem “Now the day is over, Night is drawing nigh, Shadows of the evening Steal across the sky.” We will make one copy only which will be read aloud and shown to the children. Please let me know if you will allow the use of your photo.

  2. by Jason

    Hi Liz

    Thanks for your nice comments about the picture. Please feel free to use the image for your class assignment.

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