An Offering of Life

I have always been fond of this floral shot. It’s not one of those amazing shots that makes you go ‘Wow!’, but it works on another level. The flower in question is an African Daisy and the picture was taken in a garden in Portugal. As anyone who has been to the Algarve knows, southern Portugal is a very dry and hot place which is great for holidays but not so good if you’re a keen gardener. There isn’t much grass and greenery around but sometimes you see little flowers like this African Daisy looking absolutely in perfect health.

It stands out against the dead flowers in the background but it’s the colours I really like. Lots of brown mixed with some greenery and then the bright white and pinks of the daisy itself. It looks like it’s reaching up to the sun, offering it’s petals as a sign of life in a dry garden bed. It was shot with a Tamron macro lens whilst I was fighting off the dreaded mozzies that seemed to home in on me and my lily white skin!

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