Earth Beauty. As Michael Cane once said “what’s it all about?”. It’s pretty simple really, I’m a photographer and this is one of my photography sites that let’s me show the world my imagery. The intention being to show pictures that reflect what a wonderful world we live in. I know the world can be a tough place and sometimes it seems like life is a PITA but overall our world is a fantastic place, full of diversity and wonder.

I hope with these photos and the writings I can inspire you to reflect positively on Earth life, taking a moment to appreciate the finer points and the bigger picture. We often get drawn down into our tiny problems which in the scheme of things count for nothing. It’s like practicing meditation or spending 5 minutes looking up at the stars on a clear night – it makes you stop and realise how small our problems are in the grand scheme of things. When we see life through this type of lens it become much more manageable.

So please take a look through my photos, read the words I mutter about each one and post a comment if you have something to say.